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A Chrome Extension for Growth Marketers

Get First Name, Last Name, Work Position, Profile URL, and Company Name from Facebook Group members – in an easy to use Chrome Extension.

After you have gathered the member’s data, just export your list into a .CSV-file that can be used in other tools to get, for instance, business email addresses.

It has never been easier to get access to the millions of Facebook Groups and their members before.

“There are over 1 billion Groups on Facebook. It is a MASSIVE social network to help you find the ideal customer.
This represents a great opportunity for marketers who want to connect with prospects.
Consider it a primary social media channel for business owners.”

– Neil Patel, KissMetrics

A Facebook Group Member Extractor

Gives You Everything You Need To Collect Emails

Facebook Groups are a Gold Mine for Marketers

Groups are a niché collection of people gathered in one highly engaged space. What if you could extract the name, Facebook profile URL, work position, and company name from these group members, and then use that data for customer prospecting.

GROUPLY’s Process

Your Target Audience at Your Finger Tips


You need to be able to see the members of the group you want to extract member data from.


Sit back while the scraping engine does it’s job. After a short while you will have a list of extracted members in your view.


Select what member data you want to export to your CSV-file, first name, last name, position, company, and profile URL.

“GROUPLY radically changed things for us. It gave us a needed boost at launch, and helped us generate traffic and leads faster and better than any other method we’ve tried. We are using it in our ad targeting, surveying and email marketing – we couldn’t have had access to such relevant audience without 10x more effort and spend. This tool is a must for any company needing to access the right target audience, right now. “

Anna Skaya – former CEO @ Groupon

Pricing Plans

Join hundreds of companies building higher converting audiences


500 Extracted Members
Unlimited Groups

No credit card needed.



Unlimited Extractions
Unlimited Groups

$97 / year



Follow these step-by-step guides to get you started …

How to get email address from Facebook Groups
How to Create Facebook Custom Audiences from Facebook Group Members


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Grouply

Do I get emails from Grouply directly?

No, you will not get emails from Grouply directly.

Grouply will get you the member data such as First Name, Last Name, Company Position, Company Name and Facebook Profile URLs.

But getting emails is easy – once you have the details needed for finding them.

The formula today to get someone’s email is: First Name + Last Name + Company Name = Email.

Grouply will provide you with these.

Tools like Toofr will then extract emails for you. Check out this guide – How to Use Grouply to Get Email Addresses From Facebook Groups.

The ‘buy’ button is disabled when I access the Chrome Web Store, how do I buy Grouply?

Please try the following link, it forces US pricing.

Can I use Grouply?

Grouply only supports the Chrome Browser. If you don’t have it already, you can download the Chrome Browser here. Both Windows and OSX can use Grouply.

How do I Get Emails From A Facebook Group?

We have written a thorough Guide for you here: How to Use Grouply to Get Email Addresses From Facebook Groups.

Do I need Facebook in a certain language?

Grouply works best if the language setting in Facebook is English.