Prospecting on Facebook with Grouply & MassPlanner


Want to be connected with your ideal customer on Facebook?

This guide will help you add thousands of new friends and contacts to your network.

So you can start establish real relationships directly within Facebook.


Step 1. Find relevant fishing grounds.

You probably know some good groups that has your target audience. But if you need some inspiration, go to www.facebook/groups and hit the Discover tab.



Step 2. Use Grouply to Get Member Profile URLs.

Want to connect with Founders and CEOs, or maybe Developers, or maybe a Venture Partner?

Well, Grouply will display your prospects with titles so you can choose later on who you want to connect with.

Now when you have found these people on Facebook, download the CSV file and copy their Facebook Profile URLs to a new sheet.



Step 3. Import list in MassPlanner.

Mass Planner did shut down, but not for existing users. You can still purchase it by getting an existing user to refer you (don’t ask me).

The CSV-file that you import needs to be in the following format:

firstName, profileUrl, lastName, position

It is the order that is important here, 1st is Name, 2nd is Profile URL, 3rd and 4th doesn’t actually matter for this to work.


Step 4. MassPlanner Settings.

You don’t want to upset Facebook by sending to many request. The following settings has worked well for me.

You can also add a automated message that will be sent after the person accepts your friend request. Makes the initial reach out very convenient. Make sure to use a spin syntax to Facebook doesn’t get upset.

You also want to make sure that the friend requests that isn’t accepted gets cancelled, since you cannot have too many pending requests. In this case we use 5 days, feel free to lower this if you list is really large.



Step 5. Optimize your Facebook Profile.

Optimize your Facebook profile (e.g. nice headshot and cover photo) for a high acceptance rate when sending friend requests.


Step 6. Sit back and …

… relax while you connect to thousands of your target prospects on Facebook (e.g. CMOs, VCs, and Founders).


Step 7. Nurture.

Nurture them with relevant content.