How to Get Business Emails From Facebook Page Likers

facebook pages likers


Now you can use Grouply to extract people that like a certain Facebook Page! 

Keep in mind that there is usually a limit around 3k members when using this feature due to limitations within Facebook.

Let’s go through the process.


1. Enter a search query in Facebook’s search field

Just enter the exact phrase you see in the picture below – in this case “people who like [PAGE]”. Make sure to enter the exact name of the page.

This will give you a page of results, then press “See all”.


Facebook search


2. See all the people that Like that certain page

After you have clicked on “See all” from the last step. Facebook will present a list of all the people that likes your selected page.


Facebook search page likers


3. Now start Grouply and extract the people

Now start the Grouply extension by clicking on the green icon in the extension field in the upper right corner of the browser. After that you click on “Start Extracting”. 

(Important! Make sure you have Facebook language setting set to English).

Now Grouply will do it’s magic and collect the data from the people that like the page. If the page has a lot of likers this can take a while, so you can press “Stop Extraction” after a while to display and download the people you have found.

This list will include First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Position at the Company, and Profile URL of the Facebook member.


Get Facebook Page members


4. Get Business Emails from the extracted Likers

Now will move on to another guide and continue from step 3.  That guide targeted towards Facebook Groups, but once you have the data, the process of finding business emails is the same.

All done!