How to Get Business Emails From Facebook Groups

Updated: 18 January 2018

There are over 1 billion Groups on Facebook. It is a HUGE social network to help you find the ideal customer.

This represents a great opportunity for marketers who want to connect with prospects.

In case you didn’t know – a Facebook Group is essentially a community, within the Facebook platform that shares a common interest or goal.

Consider it a primary social media channel for business owners.

By the end of this guide, you’ll know more than most Facebook marketers out there, and making use of this Facebook Group hack will provide you with something spectacular.

Let’s get going!

Step 1. Finding Facebook Groups

First, navigate to your left hand side navigation and click on “Groups”.

This will take you to the Group Discover section of Facebook.

For instance, imagine you are selling a SaaS product aimed for Tech Startups, a quick search on Facebook reveals that there are hundreds of groups related to Science and Technology.

Here you can find groups by Categories and Tags.

Categories are very broad, but take a look at the Tags in the right hand side box.

Here we chose “Technology“.

This is where it gets interesting, and you can get very specific to find your niche’s customers.

As with all of your other marketing efforts, you’ll find that the more precise you can be about who you want to help, the better everything else will turn out.

This is especially important for Facebook Groups.

If you find your Groups effectively, you’ll be able to clearly communicate to those members what your offer is about, when you at a later stage email to these members.

Next step is to join these groups.

Step 2. Get The Member Data

Now when you have found and joined your Facebook Groups (if they are closed it might take a while before and admin is accepting you into the group).

It’s time to use Grouply. Grouply is a chrome extension for Facebook groups that extracts data about the group members.

Using Grouply on the members’ section of a Facebook Group will get you a list of members that you can download as a CSV-file.

A quick search in Badass Founders and Marketers (BAMF) group with 13434 Members shows that 7602 of these members have their company information added to their Facebook profiles.

This is information that we can download and use!

Grouply allows you to extract Facebook Member data, such as;

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company Position
  • Company Name
  • Profile URL

In the settings you can decide what data you want to download in the CSV-file.

Step 3. Getting Business Emails

In order to use the .CSV-file for mining business emails you need to have only three columns in it.

So make sure you save down just Firstname, Lastname, and Company in the first three columns.

With this downloaded CSV-file, you can now use a tool like Anyleads Company Miner.

With their Unlimited Plan you can for a fixed price extract from as many groups you like.

The email extraction process might take a while, but when it is done you will be able to download a result CSV-file from Anyleads, this time containing the Company Domain Name and Business Email Addresses as well.

The Results

Email addresses are the currency of an online marketer, especially if those email addresses belongs to your target audience.

What you will get from the combination of these two tools is business email addresses, which is ideal for B2B companies.

Step 4. Sending Cold Emails

Well first of all, you can cold email these people. Here’s a great guide for cold email that by YesWare and another one from HubSpot here.

Just remember to be personal. You got their First Name, Last Name, Company Name, and even their Job Title!

If you signed up for Anyleads in the previous step you are in for a treat! Anyleads lets you connect any of your email providers (Gmail, MailChimp, SendGrid, etc).

Anyleads also has a feature to verify the emails right inside their system so that you won’t send too many bounces from your connected provider.

Anyleads connect sender

Anyleads lets you create event driven campaigns for sending out sequences of emails to you newly found prospects, catching no-reply, no-opens and adding delays between emails, it even has A/B test support.

This feature is golden for marketers to set up campaigns towards the members of Facebook groups.


Anyleads campaign


Step 5. The Anatomy of a Great Cold Email

Subject Line

  • Subject line is the key to form a relationship with the prospect, work on delivering remarkable subject line by spending 70% to 80% of the time on it.
  • Raise curiosity, give ideas, advice, and tips.
  • In order to catch the person’s attention and respond to your cold email, you must add value to it. Adding value can entice the prospect to view or read it.
  • Don’t make your Subject Line vague and too generic, be personal and brief as much as possible.

Impressive Content

  • Contents must be brief and straightforward, the content per email must focus only on one point.
  • Short but still shows the benefits to entice prospect and keep them reading.
  • Show thoughtfulness and empathy to get them engage with a conversation.
  • Focused on the idea or benefit share.
  • Mentioning the name of the company several time shows the importance you give them.


  • Some cold emails are being ignored because most people are being skeptical about it, and might think that it is not credible.
  • Ensure that your content is incorporated with facts, statistics, and only relevant information that add real value.
  • Never claim without proofs, this will look suspicious for the reader.
  • To add up on your credibility, use names like titles, press, affiliations, big customers, and investors.

Effective Call to Action

  • Every email needs a strong Call to Action. This is the last impression the prospect have.
  • Make it simple but direct.
  • Inclusion of incentive and enticing offer for the prospect is an effective way to make a Call to Action.
  • Make sure to eliminate decisions, complexity and choice.

(Bonus) Step 6. Create Custom Audiences from Facebook Group

Ever felt that you want to reach out to members that belong to a certain Facebook Groups with Facebook ads?

It has been tricky to achieve this before – now it is easier and I will walk you through the process.

Check out the full guide on: How to Create Facebook Custom Audiences from Facebook Group Members