How to get Facebook Friends’ Email Addresses Using Yahoo

This hack is great for entrepreneurs or startups that has a large friend pool of potential leads on Facebook and want to find a way reach out to them.

Since many people within the tech / startup scene use Facebook for networking this is an ideal way of reaching out to these people.

You will get the real registration emails from your friends (gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc), not the useless addresses.

You don’t need to know any code so don’t worry, I will guide you through this step by step.

Let’s get going!


1) Create a NEW Yahoo account.

Pretty straight forward, head to Yahoo and sign up for a new account, or use your old one if you already got one. You need a valid phone number though.

2) Import from Facebook

Go on your Yahoo Email, click on CONTACT (second picture from the left) and then click on Facebook.

Accept the condition and wait few secs. If you are logged into Facebook in the same browser it will automatically connect for you.

3) Select all contacts

Yahoo allow only to select 500 contacts at a time, so do not forget to scroll down to select the next 500 until you have selected all your members.

4) Press Email Contacts”

After you have selected all your contacts click on “Email Contacts”. This will take you to the compose email screen and all your contacts will be added to the receiver field.

This might take a while and your browser might stop responding if you have several thousand friends. But just let it work, eventually you’ll have all your members there.


5) Select your contacts and copy/paste into a code/text editor

Now select all the contacts and copy them into a text editor.

– Select all ( Cmd + A)

– Then copy ( Cmd + C) emails before to paste them ( Cmd + V) in a text document.

I use Atom and its “Search and Replace” feature with Regex turned on, it allows the “\n” to work as intended. More on this in step 6.


6) Clean up the output

You will now get a bunch of emails formatted in this way:

“ <>; <>; “

That is not very useful because we want them in a CSV-format if we are going to use them for other purposes later.

So do the following:

  1. Search for all “<” and replace with an empty space.
  2. Search for all “>;” and replace with “,\n” (\n means new line in computer language).

That will give you emails on this format:,

In other words, Comma Separated Values (CSV). Now you can upload this file to Google Sheet or Excel if you like.

There you go, you are now the owner of a new email list!


7) So what can you do with these email addresses?


Sending Cold Emails

Well first of all, you can cold email these people. Here’s a great guide for that by YesWare here and another one from HubSpot here.

You can use software such as MixMax, Quickmail or Mailshake for automating these emails for you using placeholders for these attributes, making the email look very personal.


Targeted Twitter Ads

You can create a tailored audience based on a CSV-file with email addresses (just what we got!), and then serve ads to only these people on twitter, which makes your targeting lazer focused! Here’s a guide by SocialRank on how to do this.


Facebook Custom Audience

Use Facebook Custom Audience to create targeted ads towards your extracted Friends.


Google AdWords Targeted Ads (Customer Match)

As WordStream puts it: “We have been waiting ages for Google to take the plunge and offer identity-based targeting – now that day has finally arrived! In a nutshell, Customer Match gives advertisers the ability to create and target (or exclude) their very own user lists simply by uploading prospects’ email addresses.” Click here to read WordStream’s article.


8) Want to get Email Addresses from Facebook Groups?

Then check out this blog post: Get Email Address from Facebook Groups


That’s all for now – Happy Growth Hacking!